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Fiber Plan
Speed Duration Charges
Up to 50 Mbps 12 Month Rs. 5750/-
Up to 60 Mbps 12 Month Rs. 6000/-
Up to 100 Mbps 12 Month Rs. 8000/-
Up to 150 Mbps 12 Month Rs. 10000/-
Up to 200 Mbps 12 Month Rs. 12000/-
Above mentioned plan available only where fiber line available/ established.
Fiber broadband plan above 60 Mbps subject to feasibility.
Terms & Conditions apply.

Wireless Plan
Speed Duration Charges
Up to 10 Mbps 12 Month Rs. 11800/-
Up to 20 Mbps 12 Month Rs. 23600/-
Above mentioned plan subject to feasibility.
Speed subject to feasibility.
Terms & Conditions apply.

Also Contact us For Internet Leased Line (1:1)
Why Choose Balaji Infra Ray ?
Faster Internet Speed
We promises you reliable speed and stable network. Even if your are in a remote location we can provide you the best broadband quality that is available across the city.
  Reliable Network
To ensure you enjoy the best possible online experience, our network is provided by Internet Solutions, one of the top internet providers in Gujarat.
Fast Download
Fastest download of digital media files across internet.Super fast ! You can download really huge data in minimum time.
  Wide Coverage Area Network
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
Minimum Time for Download
Now Download anything in 1...2...3 Count.
Dedicated service team curtail downtime to littlest.
  Anywhere for You
24 X 7, 365 days service! Rapid response .Network redundancy.Quickest recovery…
Get Fastest Speed Internet at Affordable Plans
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Call Us : +91 95376 11100